Current Notices

Join us: Budget Meeting
East Bluff budget meeting on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Goodwill Industries Community Room, at the Towne Center

Please join us to learn more about East Bluff’s financial priorities and give early feedback for how you’d like to see the homeowners’ fees spent over the next year. Contact the office for transportation if needed.






#1 Please park your car so that the front or rear does not overhang the sidewalk.   It’s hard to get around your car with the plow if it is blocking part of the walk. Please do not brush snow onto already cleared sidewalks.
#2  All private sidewalks are to be shoveled to the main sidewalk by the homeowners. Remember the mail carrier needs to get safely to your mailbox.
#3 Sand barrels are located in all four East Bluff parking lots for residents to use.
#4 Please remove your car within 72 hours of snowfall so your stall can be cleared with the bobcat. The main driveways are cleared first. Later in the day when most cars are gone, the stalls are plowed. On weekends and holidays the staff does not clean between the parking stalls as there are so many cars in the lots.
#5 Did you remember to drain your outside faucet so it doesn’t freeze and burst your water pipe?