Current Notices


East Bluff Homeowners Association 2018 Annual Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 6:30 – 8:45pm

Warner Park Community Center, 1625 Northport Drive

Please contact the main office if you need assistance getting to the meeting: 608-249-7006 

There will be 3 board positions up for election at the Annual Board Meeting:

Position A: 2-year term (2018 – 2020), currently held by Nikki Sanders – running again

Position B: 2-year term (2018 – 2020), currently held by Emily Miota – running again

Position C: 1-year term (2018 – 2019), currently held by Stacey Jenson – not planning to run again

We encourage all homeowners to run for the board! Interested in running, but would like to learn more? Feel free to contact any current board members, below. If you would like to run, please submit the following to Kris in 309 East Bluff, either in writing or via email at, no later than Friday, February 23, 2018:

  • Which position you’d like to run for (position A, B, or C)
  • A biographical summary (200 – 600 words). It could include any relevant experience you’d like to share, why you’re interested in running, why you think you would be a good fit, and what you would like to see happen/improved if elected.

Current Board Members

President ~ Wayne Davis 608-241-2963

Vice President ~ Emily Miota 262-853-6863

Treasurer ~ Peggy G Lucey 608-225-8471

Secretary ~ Nikki Sanders 608-772-3505

Member At Large ~ Stacey Jenson 608-213-9131


 East Bluff budget meeting on Jan. 30th

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 from 6 – 7:45 p.m. Lakeview Library, 2845 North Sherman Avenue
Please join us to learn more about East Bluff’s financial priorities and give early feedback for how you’d like to see the homeowner’s fees spent over the next year. Contact the office for transportation.


East Bluff Homeowners Association Mid-Year Meeting Thursday, October 26, 6-8pm Warner Park Center Meeting Room, 1625 Northport Dr Please join us for an informal mid-year meeting of East Bluff homeowners! Board and staff will provide you with an update on East Bluff grounds activities and be available to field any questions/concerns. If you have a particular topic or suggestion for the meeting, please let us know in advance by either calling the main office at 608-249-7006, emailing, or leaving a written suggestion under the door at 309. Please also contact the main office if you need transportation or assistance getting to/from the meeting. Please note that we DO intend to host a separate meeting in January to discuss and take feedback as we begin to prepare the 2018 budget. So 2018 budget issues will be discussed in January and not at this meeting (but feel free to come to this meeting with any current budget questions you have for this year). As always, if you can’t make it but have concerns/ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact the main office or theEast Bluff board directly:

President ~ Wayne Davis, 608-241-2963,
Vice President ~ Emily Miota, 262-853-6863, 
Treasurer ~ Peggy G Lucey, 608-225-8471, 
Secretary ~ Nikki Sanders, 608-772-3505,
Member At Large ~ Stacey Jenson, 608-213-9131, 



Community Meeting

Tuesday, September 19, 5-7pm

Warner Park Center Meeting Room We will be having two guest speakers come for your benefit on 9/19, 5-7pm.  First will be Aly Jarocki, Prevention and Education Specialist from DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services).  She will speak to us about domestic abuse, how it affects our neighbors and our community.  There will be question and answer time. Second will be our neighborhood liaison officer, Corey Saffold, from the Madison Police Department.  He will be there to introduce himself, and to meet us.  We’ve asked him to come prepared to give us suggestions on what we can do, and should do, to make our community safer.  He will also entertain questions.

Please consider taking two hours out of your busy schedule to come out and meet these two special people.  If you need help with transportation, please contact the East Bluff office, or one of the board members.

Need help on trash day?

If you are physically unable to take the bins to/from curb, please contact the East Bluff office to see if there is a volunteer that might be able to help.  You can also contact the East Bluff office to get a calendar of schedule pickups from the City.



The first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, we are offering a new resident Orientation Meeting at the East Bluff office for the purpose of helping our new residents with questions that they may have about living at East Bluff and to help understand the rules and regulations. We encourage all unit owners who have renters to make this information available to their new tenants. Please call Kris at the office and let us know that you would like to attend the meeting. Call 608-249-7006 or send an email to

If you would prefer a daytime meeting, we can arrange a time between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm Monday thru Friday.


Any questions or concerns please call 608-249-7006 or email

East Bluff is now FHA APPROVED!  We received approval on 11/17/2016

Why is this important?

FHA condo approval dramatically increases the pool of potential buyers
Statistics show that approximately 60% of new homebuyers intend to use an FHA Loan.  If your community does not have FHA condo approval, you potentially limit the buying pool to only 40% of homebuyers.

Since the recession, most American buyers are using FHA insured loans, and this will be the trend for years to come.

Increased Home Value
FHA approved Condos have a larger pool of prospective buyers, therefore increasing competition and demand for the product.  This can result in higher purchase prices and an increase in market value.  This will ultimately increase the value of all units throughout the community.


Before you install a satellite dish!

City of Madison Rebate for Toilet Replacement
Save Water Save Money

New Parking Enforcement Procedure as of Feb 1